ElkhalifaName: Prof. Dr. Akram Elkhalifa

Seit wann an der HS: Sept. 2015


BSc. (Hons) Architecture, University of Khartoum, Sudan, 2000

MSc. Sustainable Built Environment, KTH, Sweden, 2004

PhD Architecture, University of Camerino, Italy, 2012


Was bedeutet für sie gute Architektur?

Good Architecture is attained when the welfare of all potential users is considered in a context, when creativity is illustrated, and when efficiency and effectiveness in function, economics and performance are achieved in a nice looking space.


Was waren oder sind ihre Vorbilder und warum?

I find myself very much attracted to and inspired by architects who dedicate their life to serve their communities and humanity through their knowledge, research, and practice. Those architects, who their works speak for them telling us that architecture is not about developing expensive and complex designs, it is otherwise about simplicity and responding positively to community needs through available and accessible resources no matter how limited they are. Le Corbusier, Hassan Fathi and Nadir Khalili are just examples.


Welche Kriterien sind ihnen in Ausbildung der Studenten am wichtigsten?

Teaching architecture is more about training the students to develop, communicate, and present ideas for solving different problems within different contexts effectively, efficiently, and creatively. It is „not” a standardized process; thus drawing boundaries for evaluation is very much tricky and challenging. However, demonstrating systematic approaches and development of clear concepts for design is crucial to judge the students’ performance along with assessing their abilities in communicating ideas and design solutions in simple and creative manner.